In this article, we will explore Redis and examine its capabilities and limitations, in addition to presenting some of its use cases and famous commands, in addition to comparing Redis with other data storage solutions.

What is Redis?

Redis is a key-value server, and some people define it as a data structure server that stores data in the form of key and value structure, in simpler terms, Redis is a database server that stores your data according to the data structure you use, and key-value store stores data in the form of key and value, where the key is the…

What is NLP

NLP is an acronym for Natural processing language which is a sub-field of AI where it tries to interpret and understand human language through different information extraction techniques, NLP aims to make interaction between computers and human more seamless to the extent that a computer can master human language and understand it, NLP has two main fields underneath it’s hood which NLU(Natural Language Understanding) & NLG(Natural Language Generation), NLU tries to understand human text and speech by extracting data from different sources(Blog, Articles, etc..) …


SQL is an abbreviation for “structured query language”, SQL is the standard query language used for the relational databases, SQL is characterized by having a structured schema, structured schema means that there is an explicit schema used to describe how data is going to be organized, relational database organizes data into tables which also goes by the name “relation”, relational databases are organized into rows and columns, columns represent the attribute for a certain table, a row represents the actual value of this attribute(column), these structures ensure data consistency where an explicit schema is identified and used, this schema…

Why is scalability important for software engineers?


If anyone heard the word, Software engineer or programmer, he/she would probably correlate this with a person who codes a lot and spend a lot of time programming and writing code but actually, This is not true, Software engineers especially seniors ones, spend a minor part of their time coding, they spend the majority of their time researching and designing ambiguous business problems which can not be coded directly as trivial ones, writing documents, managing junior developers and comparing between different architectures and which one is more suitable for the project onhand.


Today, we will discuss trends in women education preference in the united states from 1970 to 2010 with an increase in majors like health professions and Education and a decrease in majors like Engineering and Computer Science.

Our Data set as the below figure shows is built on two main attributes, year and college major.

Overview of the Dataset
Overview of the Dataset
Overview of the DataSet

we will now show the visuals of a16 majors and comparing between by taking the mean and median of each major from 1970 to 2010.

The Below Figure Shows Trends in Majors like Business and Engineering, English, Communications, Journalism.

Machine Learning has a lot of novel and great applications in the area of Health-care and can make patient diagnosis much easier and accurate taking in consideration right amount data is used in term of size and has meaningful relation to the problem.

the problem this article will cover is a classification problem to classify whether a person is a diabetic or not taking into consideration attributes like Insulin, Blood pressure, Skin-Thickness, BMI, Age, Glucose, Pregnancies, Diabetes Pedigree Function and the output should be whether a person has diabetes or not.

we will be using K-Nearest Neighbour classifier…

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Loves Computer Science with focused interest in (Back-end Development, Data Structures and Algorithms ,Machine Learning)

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