The Pattern-oriented Software Architecture book for dummies contains a section called Ten patterns you should know. I will re-create this section and mention four of these ten patterns I believe are important from my perspective.

continuity

Have you ever forget what page you were trying to visit after clicking…

In this article, we will explore Redis and examine its capabilities and limitations, in addition to presenting some of its use cases and famous commands, in addition to comparing Redis with other data storage solutions.

What is Redis?

Redis is a key-value server, and some people define it as a…

What is NLP

NLP is an acronym for Natural processing language which is a sub-field of AI where it tries to interpret and understand human language through different information extraction techniques, NLP aims to make interaction between computers and human more seamless to the extent that a computer can master human language and…


SQL is an abbreviation for “structured query language”, SQL is the standard query language used for the relational databases, SQL is characterized by having a structured schema, structured schema means that there is an explicit schema used to describe how data is going to be organized, relational database organizes…

Why is scalability important for software engineers?


If anyone heard the word, Software engineer or programmer, he/she would probably correlate this with a person who codes a lot and spend a lot of time programming and writing code but actually, This is not true, Software engineers especially seniors ones, spend…

Mohaned Mashaly

Loves Computer Science with focused interest in (Back-end Development, Data Structures and Algorithms ,Machine Learning)

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